Welcome to Almaden Quicksilver County Park, spectacular in natural diversity and a landmark of California history. The park is the site of over 135 years of mining activities and former home to more than 1,800 miners and their families. The park encompasses 4,163 acres, occupying a majority of Capitancillos Ridge. During early spring, the park offers one of the most spectacular wildflower displays in the region. Remnants of the mining era also offer an exciting look into the mining operations of the latter part of the 19th century.

Our hike: Easy Hike. Just under 600 feet elevation (0-600 feet). 

Distance: 3.95 miles in and out. We may cut short if needed depending on how everyone is feeling.

Our Plan it to start at the Wood Road Entrance. The parking lot entrance is at a 4 way stop off Hicks Road. 



There are two ways to get to Wood Road Entrance.

1. Camden Avenue to Hicks Road. It is a windy road and takes a long time. At the 4 way stop take a left to go into the parking area.

2. Almaden Expressway to New Almaden up Hicks Road from the other direction. I love this road. The windy part if maybe a mile long. A bit more in miles but less curves and hassle. Take a right to go into the parking area.


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