Day Camp

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Day Training is supervised playtime and basic obedience training with a certified dog trainer in one. Puppies will learn great boundaries and skills. We will have puppies of all sizes, ages and breeds. Day Training will help them grow into a confident dog from puppyhood to teenage hood. 

Behaviors we cover:

  • sit, down, stay, recall

  • manners: not jumping up, calming down, drop & leave it

  • specialty behaviors (veterinary handling, grooming, medical equipment, obstacles, house and crate training)

  • social skills (during play)

  • other typically puppy behaviors

  • for our shy dogs growing confidence in a new environment

Things we do in 6 hours: 

Play, train, swim, walk and/or hike. Weather and group dependent.

We will focus on reinforcing good behaviors during the playtime and provide a positive environment and encounters with new people and other dogs. 


Monday through Wednesday. Tuesday and Wednesday are currently full.

6 hours:


$100 for ongoing commitment "same day - every week"

$125 drop in "if available"


Cash or Check (Smith Dog Training), Venmo: @Nathalie-Mosbach or 

PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/smithdogtraining/100 or https://www.paypal.me/smithdogtraining/120


Expectations for Training and socials: 

Dogs are living beings and behavior is dependent on many variables. The result of training a dog is dependent on each individual dog (breed/temperament/etc), past training experience and exposure, dog owner/handler experience, consistency of following management and training protocols and much more. Ethically we cannot give you any guarantee but we will absolutely do our best to provide you an estimate of what you can expect if you follow through with our management and/or training plans. 


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