Socials during shelter in place order




Supervised playtime with an instructor. Puppies learn great boundaries and play with dogs of all sizes, ages and breed. Puppy socials help them grow into a confident puppy ready to enter teenage hood.

Our puppy socials are specifically designed to provide your puppy the enrichment and socialization he/she requires with other puppies. These socials are held at the store in a clean and sanitized space. The socials are supervised and we provide education about dog play and interactions. Our focus is to allow a healthy and safe play amongst puppies.

We will focus on reinforcing good behaviors during the playtime and provide a positive environment and encounters with new people and other dogs. The social will take place at our house. There is a limit of 6 puppies per group. 3 instructors are present. 

Shy puppies: 8-16 weeks old

Active puppies: 9-24 weeks old

Teenagers: 24 week and older *only for puppies that have been to socials


Every Sunday

Shy puppies: 12 - 1 pm

Active puppies: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

                     3:00 - 4:00 pm

If you have not signed up with us yet please fill out the following form: 


Please RSVP by email or send a text to: (408) 827.8344: with your name, pups name and time you want to attend. Thank you! The earlier you rsvp the more chance you have to get in.


Cash or Check (Smith Dog Training), Venmo: @Nathalie-Mosbach or PayPal:


Expectations for Training and socials: 

Dogs are living beings and behavior is dependent on many variables. The result of training a dog is dependent on each individual dog (breed/temperament/etc), past training experience and exposure, dog owner/handler experience, consistency of following management and training protocols and much more. Ethically we cannot give you any guarantee but we will absolutely do our best to provide you an estimate of what you can expect if you follow through with our management and/or training plans. 


The drop off and pick up procedure:


  • Drop off. Please be on time. 

  • Please drive up to the house and wait in the car. 

  • If another client has pulled up as well please stay in car until we come to your car

  • Have your puppy on a leash that we can access without you needing to leave your car.

  • You will receive a recording of your training within 24 hours of your pup staying with us

  • Pick up. Please be on time. You may always pick your pup up earlier. Please text us ETA. 


Payment: $25

Social: Cash or Check (Smith Dog Training), Venmo: @Nathalie-Mosbach or PayPal:


All socials are followed up with pictures and videos.

Social Area:


It will be in my house mainly in my living room. We use Rescue to daily clean the area.



We are operating under the following order:


13. Definitions and Exemptions.

For the purposes of this Order, “Essential Businesses” are:

xxii. Home-based care for seniors, adults, children, and pets;


What you need to know about COVID19:


Terms of Service:




Directions to my house: 22500 Prospect Road, Saratoga, CA 


  • Exit Highway 85 at De Anza Boulevard. (From northbound 85 turn left on De Anza Blvd. and from southbound 85 turn right on De Anza Blvd.)

  • Travel on De Anza Blvd. (towards the mountains) about 0.5 miles. Turn right on Prospect Rd.

  • At the first stop sign, turn left and cross the railroad tracks to remain on Prospect Rd.

  • Follow Prospect Rd. for 1.3 miles, turning left after the Saratoga Country Club, until the preserve parking lot is reached.

  • Stay on paved road. Pass STOP signs saying “Authorized Vehicles only”. We are the first house on the left side. 22500

  • Drive up driveway and park

If you would like to stay and wait I have parking permits. I live at Fremont Older which allows a wonderful hike.


These are humanless socials!

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