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Benefit from customized professional advice concerning any dog related subject. Whether your are planning on adopting a dog, purchasing from a breeder, looking to train your dog sit, down and stay or dealing with house training issues. We can assist you and provide individualized advice for your needs.


No matter where you live you can schedule a phone or video converence consultation. Of course nothing can replace the importance of a private in-person session with a professional but our phone consultations have proven to be a valuable tool to get started. We have been able to guide many on the road of success by providing professional, science-based and force free advice that ensureda long lasting solution. 


Per consult: $65

Extension fee half an hour: $30


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Smith Dog Training will contact you by email within 48 hours after receiving your registration to set up a mutally-agreed date and time for the consultation.

Step 4: Phone or Skype Consultation

At a mutually-agreed date and time we will contact you by your preferred method (phone or Skype) and conduct a customized consultation with you and your household members for up to one hour.

Important Information! 

Phone or video conversations are invaluable tools in which we are able to provide answers to many of the questions dog owners have. In our phone consultations we can help guide you to long-lasting goals. 


Please do keep in mind that nothing can replace a private session where the trainer has the ability to evaluate in-person and provide tailored dog training plans when it comes to behavioral issues. Such issues are house soiling, leash reactivity, fear, aggression, separation anxiety, and last but not least destructive behaviors. If you do not live in our service area we are more than happy to refer you to one of our respected colleagues in the business. 


Phone/Skype consultations will last between 45 minutes - 1 hour. Extensions can be booked against an additional fee.

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