Training is an essential part of raising a dog. It helps create a long lasting bond between owner and dog and is the key to a well-mannered canine. Basic obedience is the foundation towards that goal.
Our Private Training are One-On-One sessions. 
Issues we address:
Learning behaviors like sit, down, stay, come when called, wait, leave it, loose leash walking, drop it, and retrieve.
Help with unwanted behaviors like jumping up, mouthing, nipping and more.
We approach unwanted behaviors by extinguishing them and/or teaching the dog an alternative behavior.

All sessions include:

Visits to your home to train

Training & management plans

Follow up consultation (by phone, email or text)

To get started:

Contact us to set up a phone consultation. It usually takes about 15 minutes where you provide me a brief overview of the difficulties you are dealing with. The phone consultation is free of charge.

To continue:

If we decide to continue we will set up a day and time for a 90 minute evaluation at your home. The evaluation costs $175. We will provide you a written copy of the evaluation and discuss options with you on how to continue if that is necessary. 

Additional sessions:

Additional single session: $125

We are currently booked 4-5 weeks ahead.

We apologzie for the inconvenience.

Some behaviors are easy to teach but you just don't know where to start. Our brochures come in PFD format. They provide deep insight into dog training and behavior issues and step-by-step plans on what you can do. 


Our available brochures:

  • Crate Training Plan

  • House Training Plan

  • Muzzle Training Plan

  • Bouncy Dog! Your disobedient dog. The naughty but nice dog who is over-aroused and has impulse control issues. Jumping. Lunging. Mouthing. 

  • Reactive Dog! Your on-leash reactive dog. 


$25 per brochure


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