Reactive Dog

 Is your dog
lunging, growling and/or barking
at another dog when on-leash?  
What is reactivity?
Reactivity is a response to a stimuli. A stimulus is something that causes a reaction which can be another dog, a person, a bike, a horse, etc.
The key is to determine the motivation. Some dogs are frustrated while others are fearful. Reactivity is the number one reason why people seek the help of a dog trainer.
Sessions include:
  • We meet at a location in Saratoga

  • Training & management plan

  • Follow up consultation (by phone, email or text) in between sessions

To get started:

Fill out our form and submit it. After receipt of the form we will set up a phone consultation. It usually takes about 15 minutes where you provide me a brief overview of the difficulties you are dealing with. The phone consultation is free of charge.

To continue:

If we decide to continue we will set up a day and time for a 90 minute evaluation. The evaluation costs $200. We will provide you a written copy of the evaluation and discuss options with you on how to continue if that is necessary. 

Additional sessions:

Additional single hour session: $125

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