Please read the following requirements concerning participating in the classes. These requirements are provided to us by Santa Clara County and customized by Pet Food Express and Smith Dog Training LLC.

We thank you for understanding and appreciate your commitment to keeping everyone safe and slowly heading back to what once was our "normal". 

Please also note that our service agreement has been updated with COVID-19 specific regulations concerning safety, liability and refund.

  • Trainer and students are required to wear a mask. We encourage you to bring your own but should you forget we have extras. In that case call the Pet Food Express Store and ask for the mask to be brought outside.

  • Class size is limited to 4 dogs

  • Only one handler per dog

  • Classes will start promptly. Please wait in your car until class officially starts. Questions before and after class will have to be submitted by email. 

  • For PuppyGarten we will have a seat for each handler. The seating will have a minimum of 6 feet between each handler outside of the training area (x-pen). The puppies will be off-leash with the trainer inside of the x-pen. The puppy will be handed over to the trainer. Both handler and trainer will disinfect their hands after the handover. 

  • For Family Dog we will have a seat for each handler. The seating will have a minimum of 6 feet between each handler inside of the training area (x-pen). If a dog is needed for demo purposes the leash will be handed over at a minimum of 6 feet distance or if possible a recall.

  • Training will take place inside of the x-pen with dogs on-leash at all times.

  • Between classes chairs and equipment will be sanitized. 

  • We encourage students to sanitize collar, leash and mat when coming home, preferably using an EPA-approved disinfectant. We will have a sanitizing wipe you can take home if needed.

  • You may use WhatsApp, Facetime, etc to allow your family members to watch the training virtually. No public live broadcast is allowed. 

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