Dog Training Videos

Jean Donaldson’s: How to train your dog like a Pro.

All Dogs go to Kevin  

Donna Hill   

DomesticatedManners (Chiraq Patel) 


Forrest Micke   

Helix Fairweather  


In The Doghouse (Nando Brown)   

Jose Gomez Train me please   

Kelly Shut  

Kikopup (Emily Larlham)   

Kristin Crestejo   

Pam's dog training academy   

Shade Whitesel   

Susan Garrett  

Urban dawgs (Drayton Michaels)  

Dr Sophia Yin  

Sarah Owens  

Sylvia Trkman


Victoria Stillwell   

Zak George   



Honey the Great  Dane  

Clicker Training Tutorials (zsianz1)     

Klickerklok (Fanny Gott, SWE)